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Photo: Lake Hemet Water & Land Offices circa 1896
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Waterways were the original lanes of communication and transportation.
In America, early generations settled in the east and gradually moved westward.
The first settlements in an area were along the shoreline, rivers and lakes where they found good harbors for consumable needs and transportation.
Early roadways were established following Indian paths or trade routes.
Migration patterns and trends were usually tied to economics.
Wars influenced migration patterns. Check military, pension and land-bounty grant records to see where a soldier was llving when the record was recorded.
Towns, cities and counties have changed names over time. Check a Geographical and Historical Dictionary or a Gazetteer.
Genealogists should read history to gain perspective on your ancestor's life and times; to learn the hows and whys of their lives; to see their place in the overall flow of history; because it's great reading.
When looking for documents for your ancestors, it helps to understand the time period you're researching,