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Photo: San Jacinto 1st Train 1888
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State Land States are states that owned and distributed their lands. These include the original 13 colonies, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia, Hawaii and Texas. They used metes and bounds to survey the land.
Federal Land States were created from public domain, land the United States bought or acquired. The land was created into territories as the population spread out. The survey is done according to the rectangular survey system.
Many legal instruments other than deeds appear in deed books. They include Bills of Sale, Prenuptial Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Contracts, Affidavits, Wills and Inventories and Voter and Jury Lists.
There are various types of deeds to property. The most common are the warranty deed which transfers property with assurance of good title and the quitclaim deed which transfers one person's interest in the property without guarantee of good title.
When looking at deed indexes, be sure to look at both the Grantor Index, an index to those selling the land and the Grantee Index¬Ě, an index to those buying the land.