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Photo: 098-02-295 San Jacinto River Flood c1927
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The Internet is not the be all - end all of genealogy. It is just ONE of the tools in the genealogy toolbox.
Search the Message Boards for others looking for the same person(s) you're researching. You go to the Board to search but you can ask to be notified of new entries.
Wiki is a website that allows multiple users to create, modify and organize web page content in a collaborative manner.
Blog is an abbreviated version of Weblog, a term used to describe Web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. See blog.eogn.com and www.genealogyblog.com.
All material found on the Internet should be considered a secondary source - even scanned images
When searching on Google, your results and the number of results, will depend upon how you enter your keywords.
Google your Family Tree at www.Google.com.
Look for genealogy and history materials at scholar.google.com.
Information from Internet on-line services may be passed on in good faith, but does not mean it is correct. Look for sources and documentation, and then check them.
When searching online databases, don't just type in names at random. First read the instructions!
Screenshots are a great way to save information from genealogy websites and resources without printing
Another way to save information from genealogy websites and resources is with Window's 7 and later computers using the built in Snipping too. Once snipped the clip can be save as a jpeg image.